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Henri of Henri's Reserve
October 31, 2011 | Henri of Henri's Reserve

Mes Chers Amis

My dear friends Frederick & Olivia started all of this - asking me to find them great boutique champagnes. I could have said no to Frederick --- but never to Olivia. I'm honored when I hear them call me, as only Americans would, "their Champagne guru."

It has been an arduous climb, a journey of extravagance and occasional heartbreak, but dear friends, I have returned a changed man. It wasn’t easy, imbibing glass after glass and sip after sip from overflowing champagne flutes, but I persevered…all for you! From the hallowed halls of Chalons to the hand crafted champagnes I uncovered in the rolling hills of Sezanne, the fruit of my labor is here now for you to enjoy.

Consider me your liaison, your chef de cave to the smallest family vineyards, boutique producers and artisans de vin. (My friends say it’s my true calling, and who am I to disagree?)—I’ll be opening a whole new world for you to enjoy from cork to cuvee.

So, raise your glass! Here’s to champagne: The real thing, the good stuff, the true taste of perfection!


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