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Away we go.

Let's share some bubbles, shall we?

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Why Henri’s Reserve?

When my American friends visit me they all fall in love with the Champagnes I introduce them to. And they always want more - but can never find them in The States. So for Olivia, Frederick, and all my other friends out there - this is for you…an e-boutique devoted to champagne lovers. A gateway to the seductive world of artisanal bubblies. A place to sit back and indulge in the joie de champagne.

My Reserve is many things.

What it’s NOT is ordinary. Here, you can only procure exceptional grower champagnes offering true depth and subtlety—original tastes you won’t find anywhere else. Handcrafted, estate-bottled champagnes produced by houses that ship often less than 5,000 cases a year and produce vastly fewer of their cuvée spéciales.

No “house styles” here. No grand négociants.

I can offer you quality and exclusivity. I can help you build your champagne cellar, be the “I want to go to their house” host, and be the joy delivering gift giver. I’d be delighted to send you magnificent bottles of champagne every month (“Henri’s Club” was Frederick’s idea). And I can do it all with a smile on my face.


"Let me be your personal chef de cave. Sit back, relax, and I'll choose for you."


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