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True tales of vignerons and vineyards.


Their Story: Working the vine has been recorded in the family histories of the Larmandiers and Berniers since the French Revolution. In 1971, Philippe Larmandier with his wife Elisabeth Bernier, who owned vineyards in Vertus, created Lamandier-Bernier. Their vineyards are situated in the Côtes de Blancs and are all from premier and Grand Cru villages.

In 1988, Pierre who had just graduated from Nantes returned to the job “which flowed in his veins”.

Under his rein, Larmandier-Bernier has used a totally biodynamic viniculture process. Biodynamic production methods are the strictest form of organic viniculture. Biodynamic wine is not only 100% organic, in addition, the grower has gone beyond to try to bring the farming process more closely in tune with nature.

The vines are cultivated with respect to the terroir. No chemical fertilizers or weed killers are used, the vineyards are ploughed (which favors deep-reaching roots and preserves the life of the soil), the grapes are handpicked, and the wine is fermented with natural vs. chemical yeasts (99% of Champagnes are made with commercial yeasts).

Region: Côtes de Blancs

Grape Varieties: 87% Chardonnay, 13% Pinot Noir

Village: Cramant (Grand Cru), Vertus (Premier Cru)

The Vineyard Area: 35 hectares

Quantity Produced Annually: 10,800 cases

"Let me be your personal chef de cave. Sit back, relax, and I'll choose for you."


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