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Henri of Henri's Reserve
February 14, 2016 | Henri of Henri's Reserve

Olivia Interviews Henri

Ah, ma chérie- well then ask away…

Your name: Henri (Silly Olivia, wasn’t that obvious?)

Your occupation: Bon vivant, lover of life (Yes, Americans always want to know “what do you do?”)

Where you grew up: On my grandmother’s vineyard in the 
Côtes de Blancs

Where you live now: Paris (The Marais), Épernay, New York

What do you value most in friends: Loyalty, wit and the ability to saber a bottle of Champagne in a moving car at night
The best sound of the day: «Pop!»

If you could eat/drink anything now what would it be: Popcorn with truffle butter & shaved pecorino cheese…and of course one of my exquisite Blanc de Blancs
Pickup line: Olivia, phuleez! Only American men need pickup lines
What I would like to understand about American women: What they do at the thing called “book club”?

Olivia! Enough, enough, enough…let’s pop some corks! Perhaps your favorite, the Larmandier-Bernier?


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